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Home Loans

A “home loan” or “mortgage” is a loan advanced to you by a financial institution in return for security over the property you are using the loan to purchase. Typically a home loan will be a 25 or 30 year term, with regular repayment amounts fortnightly or monthly that are designed to pay off the loan over the contracted term.

home loans
investment loans

Investment Loans

An investment loan is a type of home loan that someone takes out to buy an investment property. It is a mortgage solution for those who want to buy a property and rent it out to receive income from it, but can’t afford to buy the property without a loan

Construction Loans

A construction loan is a type of home loan designed for people who are building a home as opposed to buying an established property.  It has a different loan structure to home loans designed for people buying an existing home.

A construction loan most commonly has a progressive drawn-down. That is, you draw down the loan (or increase your borrowing) as needed to pay for the construction progress payments.

Car Loans

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